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Improving security and payment processing for over 25 years

Merchant Payment Solutions

Mustard Research Ltd. is an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) providing Merchant Credit Card Processing. Specializing in Business-to-Business and eCom Solutions we serve a global client base from both USA and UK offices. Through our internal technical capabilities and industry partnerships we enable a wide range of solution offerings which include: complex integrations, level 2/3 settlement optimization, acceptance of crypto currencies and management of surcharge programs. Our collaborative design criteria assure you an improved process and a compelling reduction of both the soft and hard costs associated with payment acceptance in your business.

eCom Risk Assessments

eCom sites are in the front-line for global attacks and are often vulnerable to determined attackers. Our eCom Risk Assessment service will accurately profile the current level of IT risk exposure for the business and the brand and provide recommendations to reduce risk.

  • Assess IT risk of an eCom platform to the business
  • Identify any regulatory or compliance issues
  • Identify opportunities to reduce IT risk and address compliance issues

Attackers focus on eCom sites because, historically, they’ve been easy prey and the attacks easy to monetise. Weak infrastructure controls, inadequate patching and poor awareness of what is ‘risky’ from an IT point of view have facilitated many attacks.

With many years of experience of evaluating eCom site security and prioritising remediation activities, Mustard Research is ideally placed to offer this short and competitively priced eCom Risk Assessment Service.

SOPRis™ Security for Treasury Payments

SOPRis™ (Secure Outbound Payment Routing Integrated System) is a custom bolt-on solution to your Corporate Treasury system that protects high value payments exiting your company. Arguably the richest and easiest target for diverting large sums of money to a state of “lost forever”; these payments can be vulnerable in many corporate IT environments. SOPRis™ has safely routed trillions of dollars of transactions during its twenty-five year deployment.